Alarm monitoring for bars and pubs

Alarm monitoring for bars and pubs is now becoming more commonplace as many licensees understand the immense benefits it can bring.

Although pubs, bars, nightclubs, social clubs and restaurants are all quite different, the risk profile remains the same. Alarm monitoring can bring a wealth of benefits.

Let’s have a look at some of the hazards and how alarm monitoring in pubs and bars can help to mitigate the risks.

What are the safety and security risks to pubs and bars?

One of the biggest risks to the safety and security of pubs and bars is people. Drunk people don’t always make the best decisions. Some of the hazards associated with people are fights, vandalism, criminal damage, and theft. Your staff are as much at risk as your patrons, often more so in fact.

Fire is a big risk to bars and pubs too, as spirits are highly flammable. The cellar presents a fire risk to the building, as does the pressurised gas from the barrels as they can combust under the right circumstances and rapidly accelerate a fire. Many bars and clubs have outdoor smoking areas, which naturally increase the risk of a fire happening.

Speaking of outside areas, the rise of alfresco dining and drinking has increased the need for CCTV. People are often out of sight of the staff and opportunistic thieves and vandals usually take their chance quickly.

Most pubs and bars have a large amount of cash on the premises overnight. A busy pub is an obvious signal that there will be a full till somewhere on the premises after last orders. The chances of an intrusion or ram-raid increase dramatically after a busy night.

This can be absolutely terrifying if people are living on-site, which in itself presents another risk factor to the safety and security of the pub.

Not only are they themselves at risk from intrusion and fire, but it adds another level of complexity if something is stolen. We like to think everyone is above suspicion but when money is involved it often turns out that no one is above suspicion.

Or, it might not boil down to suspicion, but an insurance claim needing proof that there was no foul play involved.

What form of alarm monitoring should you have?

CCTV Monitoring

According to this article, CCTV is becoming a requirement for most licences now. The Morning Advertiser interviewed Graham Cushion of specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen and Martin ­Thomas of Innstay UK.  

Graham said ‘CCTV and security systems are almost always insisted upon by the police as part and parcel of any licensing application that is made.’

It makes sense to have the best system installed and have it monitored to increase the efficacy.

CCTV should cover tills, outside areas, external doors, and any areas where patrons cannot be easily seen. It goes without saying that they should not be in the toilets.

CCTV monitoring is highly advantageous for pubs and bars. With un-monitored CCTV, you only know that a crime has taken place afterwards.

But monitored CCTV means there is always someone watching the CCTV, ready to respond. If an incident takes place, an SIA trained and certified member of staff will decide on the best course of action to the crime taking place.

This can include calling the police using our special URN. A URN is a unique reference number given to us from the police. It means we can bypass 999 and get a police response to your premises much faster.

Intruder alarm monitoring

An intruder alarm is usually an essential bit of kit for pubs, bars, and restaurants. Usually, the insurance requires it, even if people live on site.

An unmonitored intruder alarm is only as effective as the people who hear it. If no one responds, the intruder is free to go on with their crime.

But with a monitored alarm, we will make sure an appropriate level of action is taken as quickly as possible. This can save you valuable time and limit the amount of damage an intruder can do.  

Fire Alarm Monitoring For Pubs And Bars

A fire can rip through any building in minutes. This can be accelerated by the presence of flammable liquids, thatched roofs and old, dry beams.

Having a monitored fire alarm means every second is saved in getting the fire brigade out to your property. Damage limitation is essential in these circumstances, especially if anyone does live on site, or there is a lot of cash on the premises.  

Lone Worker Alarms

Staff are usually at risk when working in a pub.

Violence, intimidation, and assault can come from drunk patrons. Slips, trips and falls are a hazard when going into cellars and coming upstairs carrying crates and buckets of ice.

lone worker alarm is a very useful bit of kit in keeping your staff safe.

Worn on a belt clip, your staff member can push a button if they feel at risk or threatened, or if they are injured. A call will discreetly be made to an alarm receiving centre where they will be able to speak to and be spoken to by one of our alarm receiving operators.

If needed, we can call emergency services or one of your own staff to go and assist.

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