Are you looking for a lone worker monitoring station?

Are you looking for a lone worker monitoring station? Accredited to the British Standard BS8484 and BS9518, FCM provides lone worker monitoring for lone working employees from a variety of different sectors. We protect employees such as bailiffs, engineers, security guards, care workers, etc. At the press of a button, a lone worker is connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), where an operator will provide them with the help they need.

What is a lone worker?

A lone worker is an individual who works by themself without close or direct supervision. The risks a lone worker faces are the same as any other worker. However, these risks become more significant for lone workers because they are less likely to receive help or support because they work on their own.

BS8484 and BS9518 accredited lone worker monitoring station

FCM is accredited to the British Standards BS8484 and BS9518. You might be wondering, what do both these accreditations mean?

BS8484 is the standard for the provision of lone worker safety services. It shows that we have met the government’s strict standards by providing high-quality lone worker monitoring services. It requires us to follow the response and verification targets outlined in the legislation, which we have listed below: 

Response Target

  • 80% of all calls responded to within 0 – 10 seconds
  • 98.50% of all calls responded to within 11 – 40 seconds

Verification Target

  • 80% of all calls verified within 0 – 120 Secs
  • 90% of all calls verified within 121 – 180 Secs
  • 98.50% of all calls verified within 181 – 600 Secs

UK police forces also issue Unique Reference Numbers (URNs) to BS8484 accredited ARCs. A URN allows us to prioritise lone worker alerts as ‘Level 1’ emergencies and can significantly reduce response times. This reassures our customers that we will provide lone worker monitoring that you can rely on.

The BS9518 standard gives recommendations on how an ARC should handle signals sent by alarm systems, including those raised by lone workers. We use these recommendations to ensure that we are responding to lone worker alarms to our best ability.

Why choose FCM as your lone worker monitoring station?

If a lone worker requires help and raises an alert, you want the ARC responsible for managing those alerts to respond as quickly and appropriately as possible. At FCM we:

  • Have highly trained operators – The FCM operators are trained to assess a situation before deciding on the appropriate response.
  • Meet response verification targets – We comfortably achieve the time frames as specified in the BS8484 standard.
  • Provide monitoring for a wide range of devices – we monitor a variety of lone worker devices.

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