The move to all IP (Internet Protocol). Are you future-ready?

Openreach is modernising the way they deliver telephone services to the UK. The traditional phone network will be completely shut down by 2025. Every service will change to all-IP, marking the biggest shake-up of the telecoms industry in 30 years. 2025 will roll around quickly, and we understand that change doesn’t always come easily. Are you future-ready?

Take action now and get ahead of the switchover to remain protected

If your fire, security, or any alarm system is using the old phone network to send signals to alert people, it will not work after you have moved to the all-IP digital phone service. We are urging you to contact your installer to upgrade your alarm signalling to one of BT Redcare’s future-proofed products.

When will you move to the new digital service?

Phone companies will be in touch to let you know when the switchover will take place for you. This will vary by the phone service provider and location, so acting now will ensure you are one step ahead in keeping your business safe.

Move to all-IP explained (for installers)

If you’re an installer and want to learn more about all-IP and what it involves, watch the video below. It will tell you everything you need to know. 

Move to all-IP explained (for installers)

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