Alarm Monitoring Services For Factories

They are one of the largest workplaces and at the centre of many large business operations, alarm monitoring services for factories could be crucial to protect workers and businesses.

Some factory facts

There are over 2.7 million people working in the manufacturing industry in the UK and it accounts for 45% of our imports, which is a total of £275 billion pounds.

With that much manufacturing being done, factories are prime targets for theft.

Being such big places with sometimes thousands of workers and deliveries around the clock can make them difficult to keep secure.

There are some security measures that can be taken and alarm monitoring services for factories are one way to protect factories from crime.

Intruder alarm monitoring services for factories

Intruder (or burglar) alarms are one of the main security solutions, but just installing an intruder alarm won’t necessarily give a factory full protection.

Break ins are more likely to occur when it is dark and sometimes burglars will take the risk of an alarm being activated because by the time anyone actually responds to it, they will be long gone with the stolen goods.

People have become so used to the sound of burglar alarms going off that they can cause a ‘boy who cried wolf’ situation where they are so used to false alarms that nobody does anything.

With an alarm monitoring service, factories can have protection 24 hours a day.

When an alarm is triggered it will send a signal, via dedicated broadband line, to the alarm monitoring receiving centre.

The trained operators at the centre then assess the alarm signal and decide on the next step.

This would usually be to contact a keyholder or the emergency services.

The time between an alarm being triggered and the response so critical, a delay of even seconds could mean the difference between thousands of pounds of stock being taken or thieves being caught.

the image shows a woman working in a factory

CCTV monitoring services for factories

With a huge workforce, CCTV cameras in factories would have a number of benefits.

But, unless the footage is monitored in real time, it will have a limited impact.

It will still be crucial in identifying criminals after the event but won’t necessarily prevent a break in or any vandalism.

If the CCTV system is monitored all of the time, then the CCTV monitoring centre can act immediately if something suspicious is occurring.

CCTV in factories can also be used to keep a track of visitors as they arrive and leave the building.

When considering getting CCTV for any workplace, the business owner will have to make sure that they comply with the various rules and regulations for CCTV at work.

Also, the impact it will have on the workforce should be considered.

If employees aren’t informed or consulted, CCTV cameras being installed could have a detrimental effect on the morale of staff as they will think they are being spied on.

Fire alarm monitoring services for factories

As you can imagine, a fire in a factory could kill anyone in the building, not to mention that the cost of damage and lost goods if there is a fire in a factory could be incredibly high.

According the government statistics, “the costs as a consequence of fire, including property damage, human casualties and lost business, were estimated at £2.5 billion.”

It only takes seconds for a fire to spread, so if there is any delay in attending a fire this could prove to fatal.

A monitored fire alarm service for factories will ensure that there is always a swift response to a fire alarm whether it is activated at 9am in the morning, or 9pm at night.

By choosing to have an alarm monitored service it takes away the heavy responsibility of a business owner or manager having to attend the building in the event of an alarm going off.

So, even if they are away on business, on holiday, or asleep, they can be reassured that in an emergency someone is looking after their business.

the image shows a forklift truck in a factory

Monitored alarm services to help staff morale in factories

When employees know that there are measures in place to protect them, they will feel looked after and safer in the workplace environment.

From fire alarms, to CCTV looking after doors and exits, they can all give a layer of security for anyone working there.

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