Storm Eunice may cause issues to your CCTV systems

Storm Eunice hits the UK 

The UK is being battered by Storm Eunice, which forecasters warn could be one of the worst UK storms in three decades. For the first time, the Met Office has issued a red warning for wind – the highest level – for London, the South East and parts of the East of England. 

False alarms

The impact of the wind can cause objects to take flight into the air, which could potentially cause false alarms on your CCTV system. In windy conditions, it is always advisable that tarpaulins and any other loose items are tied down to ensure that they are not a health and safety issue to your staff or the general public. Our team is working hard to ensure that all alarms are dealt with promptly.  

Power cuts 

Storm Eunice is causing power cuts across the UK. So far, more than 50,000 properties and premises have been left without power. While most modern CCTV systems allow for remote viewing even when the network is down, some people are curious whether the cameras will work even if there is no electricity. Unless you have a backup power supply, the short answer is no. However, if you are unsure, we would always advise that you contact your CCTV installer, who will clarify for you.  

Broadband failures 

The weather can affect the performance of your fixed or mobile internet connection. For the most part, the impact will be slight, and even serious storms are unlikely to affect your broadband connection. In the unfortunate event that your broadband is affected, your CCTV systems will continue to function and record locally. However, the transmission to the alarm system may not work.

All CCTV Systems that FCM monitors are checked regularly to ensure the integrity of your system. So, in the unlikely event that your internet fails, rest assured! You will be notified of the situation by our control room. 

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