Texecom Monitor provides alarm signalling for First County Monitoring

Who is Texecom? 

Texecom is highly regarded as the leading security company by professional, commercial, residential, and industrial clients around the world. They are trusted by over 300,000 professional installers, protecting over a million people and properties globally.

What is Texecom Monitor?

Texecom Monitor provides signalling to leading Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) and is part of Texecom’s suite of digital solutions specifically designed to help grow and optimise clients’ business.

As the UK PSTN network is reaching the end of its life and will cease to exist by the end of 2025, Texecom Monitor provides a future-ready digital solution to this impending issue.

Their digital tools and Cloud Services can help raise service levels while reducing overheads, saving you time and money.

Texecom Monitor provides Alarm signalling for our ARC

Why has FCM decided to use Texecom Monitor?

We chose Texecom Monitor as an integration partner because they had an alternative and innovative signalling product that could easily be ordered through our clients’ existing Texecom Cloud account, thus giving the client the flexibility they need.

What are the benefits to First County Monitoring (FCM) customers?

The Texecom Cloud and Texecom Monitor solutions will provide FCM customers with a one-stop solution to their signalling needs. The customer can easily choose the signalling and monitoring service they require while supplying the ARC with quick and efficient data entry of the customer’s order. This enables a quick turnaround of an order that satisfies all parties.

Texecom Monitor works to create greater efficiencies – fast to install, simple & convenient. integrated & scalable, and fully compliant with industry standards. 

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