CCTV maintenance and service tips

What makes CCTV maintenance so important?

Security is becoming crucial for businesses, and CCTV systems are becoming increasingly popular as crime deterrents, as they can be used to detect suspicious activity using high-tech video analytics. However, if your CCTV cameras are not properly maintained, it can counteract the whole purpose of installing them in the first place. A fully functioning CCTV camera could prevent potentially devastating, long-lasting consequences. So, what are the maintenance steps you must take?

Ensure the CCTV camera lens is clean and free of damage

It’s important to keep the camera lens of your CCTV system clean. Lenses can cloud up sometimes, particularly when temperatures change dramatically. Furthermore, you need to check the lens for any damage or scratches, as this could cause false alarms.

Check the connection of all cables and ensure they are corrosion-free

You must ensure that your CCTV system is properly connected to the nearest power supply to make sure that data can be transmitted efficiently. Here are the key things that you must check: 

  • Ensure that the wiring is intact and there are no exposed wires.
  • Make sure there are no loose or fraying wires or cables that can interrupt power or transmission.
  • Check regularly that the devices are receiving adequate power supply.
  • Keep an eye on video and sound transmissions daily.
CCTV maintenance

Place your cameras in a visible location

The placement of your CCTV cameras is crucial to maximising their security and effectiveness. Consider the surroundings of the CCTV camera when setting it up. Stay clear of foliage and blind spots. 

Ensure that a certified installer installs your CCTV system

Following on from the above point, we recommend having your CCTV cameras installed by a certified installer. They can position your cameras to achieve 360-degree coverage while eliminating blind spots.

To sum it up

Ensuring your CCTV security system is well maintained will guarantee you get the most out of it and receive undisturbed protection. We hope these tips help you get the most security and protection from your CCTV systems.

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