CCTV monitoring in hotels and B&B’s

If you’re considering having CCTV monitoring fitted in your hotel or B&B you may wonder what the legalities are of it and if you’ll really get the value from it.

In this blog, we will look at whether CCTV monitoring is really worth having in hotels and B&B’s, where it might be helpful and what you need to consider before getting it set up.

Why do you need CCTV monitoring in hotels and B&B’s?

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Regardless of the setting, there are some commonalities between larger hotels and B&B’s.

Pretty much any hotel or B&B will benefit from having monitored CCTV, whether it’s a grand, opulent city centre hotel, or a cosy and quaint B&B.

  1. Both tend to have a bar, and where there is a bar there is the potential for people to make questionable decisions.
  2. Both settings have members of the public and staff in unsupervised spaces. That’s not to say your staff and guests are hooligans, and naturally we trust both. But there’s always the potential for accidents or unfortunate incidents.
  3. Hotels and B&B’s share an open door. In this case, B&B’s have a slightly higher risk profile as there’s not always a receptionist or night manager on duty.
  4. The external façade is often decorated with tables and chairs, velvet ropes, or plants in pots.

How can CCTV monitoring help in my hotel or B&B?

Staff Safety

Staff safety should be a business owner’s top priority, and rightly so.

In hotels and B&B’s, staff are often vulnerable – this is due to the amount of lone working in this particular industry.

Lone working is when an employee is working without direct supervision of a line manager. They are often more vulnerable to attack, ill health, or accidents.

Bar staff, chamber maids, night receptionists, bell hops, and leisure staff are all often in remote areas of the hotel or alone with guests.

CCTV monitoring helps to secure their safety by ensuring your team are alerted if an incident was occurring.


As we said, we all want to assume our staff and guests are 100% trustworthy and honest. But unfortunately, this is not always the case. Thefts, vandalism, assaults and even snooping in private quarters does happen.

Cumbria Police have issued helpful guidance to help hoteliers and B&B owners keep specific areas of their property, guests, and staff safe.

Monitored CCTV from First County Monitoring has a voice element to it that allows one of our trained operators to speak and deter any theft or vandal before they begin.


To have a licence to sell alcohol you need to be able to demonstrate adequate security. As we explored in this blog, monitored CCTV can play a big part in that.

Obviously, with licensing comes alcohol. Bar areas can be a hotspot for violence if people drink too much and tempers flare.

Not only will monitored CCTV allow for faster intervention, but it will mean there is footage readily available if anyone is prosecuted for their actions.

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Resident Safety In Shared Areas

The safety of your guests is paramount. Your reputation relies upon it. Car parks, conference rooms, entrances, and lifts are all areas where a resident can be attacked or suddenly taken ill.

CCTV monitoring in a hotel or B&B means that these areas are safer. Your staff can be alerted immediately if an incident is occurring that jeopardises the safety of your guests.

Deterring Vandalism Outside The Property

As we said, many hotels and B&Bs have curb appeal. Whether that is potted plants, outdoor seating, stone lions, or a red carpet with a velvet rope there is usually something there.

Unfortunately, members of the public can often be tempted to vandalise or steal these items.

The voice deterrent on monitored CCTV can be a powerful tool in sending kids, drunks, or opportunistic vandals on their way.

What does monitored CCTV do?

Monitored CCTV follows a simple process, delivered by our experienced and accredited staff.

Is it legal to have CCTV in my hotel?

It is perfectly legal to have monitored CCTV in a hotel. In fact, it is encouraged by the police.

You must inform staff and guests that they are being monitored with CCTV, however. This is usually done through clear signs.

You are not allowed to have CCTV in bedrooms or toilet cubicles.

Before you have CCTV fitted you must have a CCTV policy that covers all the areas and elements that will be monitored.

If you would like to find out more about monitored CCTV for your hotel or B&B get in touch with us.

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