CCTV monitoring on construction sites

CCTV monitoring on construction sites is a vital part of keeping your site and staff safe.

There is a huge quantity of valuable assets kept on building sites. Plants, materials, and tools can often add up to hundreds and thousands of pounds. Also, once the shell of the building is up, it’s often a target for vandals and squatters.

There are several security methods site managers can deploy. Some include fences, gates and security guards. But one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping your construction site safe is to have CCTV monitoring.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of CCTV monitoring and how it works.

Benefits of CCTV monitoring on construction sites:

  • Prevents theft – Monitored CCTV acts as a deterrent to opportunistic or sophisticated thefts.
  • Supports good health and safety compliance – If staff know they are being monitored it is more likely they will comply with health and safety regulations.
  • A monitored site 24/7 – This means you can rest assured that your assets are being guarded.
  • Provides evidence for prosecution – If theft or vandalism do occur, either from an external force or a contractor, you will have irrefutable evidence for prosecution.
  • Voice deterrent stops attempted thefts – The FCM CCTV monitoring service comes with a voice deterrent function. When we see an intruder attempting to gain entry, we can speak directly to them, which is usually enough to prevent a break-in.
  • Deters vandals – Vandals are usually opportunistic. Seeing there is monitored CCTV in operation on site is enough to put them off. They will move onto an easier target.

What is the CCTV monitoring process?

The process of remote CCTV monitoring on construction sites has been honed through years of monitoring alarms and CCTV. We follow this six-step process.

  • Event – An alarm is activated
  • Verbal – CCTV operative gives a verbal challenge
  • Verification – The alarm is verified at the ARC
  • Alarm – Live video images are sent to the ARC
  • Response –The Police or a keyholder are contacted
  • Report – You receive a report

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