First County Monitoring is an ECHO-connected ARC 

We’re ECHO-connected! 

First County Monitoring is pleased to announce that we are now an ECHO-connected ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). ECHO-connected ARCs receive a digital alarm signal transmission direct from your home or business premises in the event of an intruder or personal attack activation. The alarm is verified/confirmed and transmitted directly to Police Force Despatchers via the ECHO platform, saving between 1 and 4 minutes in response times by the Police. 

If an alarm is activated, the Police estimate a saving of up to 4 minutes in response time.

Who is ECHO? 

ECHO is an alarm transfer service provider facilitating greater effectiveness in police response to emergency alarms. It’s a fully automated electronic alarm transmission service between ECHO-connected alarm receiving centres (ARCs) and the Police. ECHO can automatically transfer alarm signals to the Police control room when an ECHO-connected ARC identifies an activation from a monitored installation as verified/confirmed.

What does this mean for us?  

ECHO-connect will enable us to greater manage risk while operating in more efficient and sustainable ways. The Police estimate a saving of up to 4 minutes in response time if an alarm is activated. Not only this, but ECHO also eliminates the potential for human error. ECHO ensures that information is transmitted accurately and automatically direct through to the Police Dispatcher. 

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