FCM CCTV control room – finished look!

Why did we decide to refurbish the CCTV control room?

At FCM, we’re always striving to continually expand our services. Therefore, the old CCTV control room required modernisation we keep up to date with the latest advancements in cutting-edge technology. It’s also essential that our CCTV operators are comfortable in their working environment. After all, they do work 12-hour shifts…

Project completed with Thinking Space Systems

We teamed up with a company called Thinking Space Systems. They are a global provider of high-quality technical furniture for control rooms of all industries. The project objective was to modernise and upgrade our existing and successful control room. Thinking Space Systems helped us to tick all these boxes and the results are superb. The CCTV control room is something we are very proud of as a company.

A high specification suite of technical furniture was designed to handle high-tech storage and give our operators the best workplace possible. Two of the five workstations are height adjustable for maximum comfort for team members who may require that feature.

The addition of a large, curved monitor wall further enhanced both the technical capacity to carry an array of large screens and provide ease of maintenance and future technological changes.

Our own personal finishing touches

Mark, our operations manager, wanted to add some finishing touches to the CCTV control room to give it that extra oomph! We changed the colour scheme of the space to tie it in with our brand colours, we have a new glass office for internal and client meetings, and we also fixed a luminous FCM sign to the wall near the entrance! We are extremely happy with the results, and we can’t wait to show it off.

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