Sunny summer days can be a CCTV operator’s worst nightmare

While relaxing on the beach during your summer holidays, have you ever thought about the poor CCTV operator’s sitting in a darkened room, only wishing they could be outside! We all love summer, especially when the sun is shining. However, these types of days can be a CCTV operator’s worst nightmare! Let us explain why.

Sudden changes in lighting

There can be a significant rise in CCTV false alarms on sunny days with only a slight breeze and a few puffy white clouds in the sky. This is due to the sudden change from bright sunlight to shade, causing an abrupt temperature change. However, FCM uses analytic systems like Calipsa and Umbo, which can significantly reduce these false alarms by filtering them out.

Lens flare 

Bright sunshine will not damage CCTV cameras, but if the sun shines directly into a camera’s lens, it may cause a ‘lens flare’, which can block the camera’s image. Different camera angles are the best method to deal with this problem. But as you can imagine, not all cameras are angled correctly, which can cause problems for our operators. So, please ensure the engineer takes this into account during the installation.

Trees, bushes & shrubs

Summer is the time when trees, bushes, and shrubs begin to blossom, and they look beautiful. However, not when the foliage is blocking your CCTV camera lens. You must maintain the foliage surrounding your CCTV cameras as you do not want to obstruct your camera’s view. In addition, trees and bushes can move in the wind which can also cause false alarms. 

CCTV camera surrounded by foliage

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