CCTV false alarms – how can you prevent them?

CCTV cameras can provide instant alerts when trouble occurs, ensuring that crime against people – as well as theft and vandalism – are sustainably reduced. However, it’s estimated that 95% of alarms triggered are unwanted or false – for example, CCTV cameras can detect movements such as the fall of a tree branch due to the effect of the wind and activate an alarm as if there was an intrusion.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about how to prevent false alarms in CCTV cameras.

Maintain your CCTV systems

You should take the time to give your CCTV cameras a quick check every couple of weeks. Keeping the camera lenses clean will help prevent a build-up of dirt or dust that could possibly hinder the performance of the device or potentially cause a false alarm.

Types of false alarms

The following might cause a false alarm:

  • Animals, insects or wildlife
  • Weather factors, such as wind or rain
  • Tree branches or other objects easily moved by the wind
  • Shadows or sudden lighting changes
  • Dirt or cobwebs covering the camera lens

Why is it important to prevent false alarms?

Preventing false alarms is important so as not to cause unnecessary warnings to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). When false alarms are so continuous, it can cause an unwanted effect – most ARC’s will have to isolate camera(s) so it doesn’t hinder the rest of the operations, which in turn, could leave a part of the site vulnerable. False alarms can also lead to complacency to individual cameras and therefore might not give importance to a true alarm if one were to occur.

What can you do to prevent false alarms in CCTV cameras?

  • Try and keep pets/animals out of the CCTV controlled area
  • Ensure covers or tarpaulins are secured. Especially during windy periods
  • Regularly clean your cameras to wipe off any dust, dirt or cobwebs
  • Trim back surrounding trees/bushes
  • Have a maintenance plan in place
  • Use a reputable ARC with qualified licensed staff who will be able to verify whether an alarm is genuine or not – for example, First County Monitoring (FCM).

FCM uses AI Powered False Alarm Filtering software which helps reduce false alarms by up to 90%. This will help prevent false CCTV activations, ensuring that only true CCTV activations are responded to. Find out more by contacting us to discuss the best monitoring solution for you.

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